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Month: June 2015

This is a rolling trash to help keep my shop clean. The bucket is removable for easy change and disposal, and has an integrated extension cord with an auto sensing vacuum switch ( for use with a:

My Bucket-Vac Cyclone Separator
– or –

The bucket can also be permanently attached to fix the bucket collapse issues that some people have with bucket vacuums.

I have a pretty poor power setup in my shop, and a large vacuum can trip the breaker when used with many of the tools. I generally use my bucket vac because it works surprisingly well considering the low amp draw and size.

However once the filter becomes dirty the suction is dramatically decreased. I figured i could build a smaller modified version of my trash can dust collector(, but rather than having a separate assembly why not just use the vacuum itself as the top of the collector.

== This configuration has several advantages ==
• contained unit, no need to deal with a separate bucket and hose.
• far more portable
• consistant suction.
• no filters to clog or replace
• low cost
• can still be use in original configuration for wet applications.
== Details ==
• Vacuum used is a Bucket head wet/dry vac from home depot with a regular 5 gallon bucket. An additional bucket is cut down to provide the top rim.

• The base is 3/4″ ply cut to a 14″ circle with an 11,1/4″ inner circle removed as the inner baffle.

• Side wall is 8″ tall 1/16″ polycarbonate which i purchased from

• The baffle has 1,1/2″ gap cut 1/3 of the way around. I used 1/3 cutout rather than a 2/3 cutout like a Thien baffle because it works fine and is more stabile in the application. The gap should be positioned just behind the inlet port.

• The down spout is a 3/4″ pvc coupler and 3/4″ pvc elbow joined with a 1″ coupler to prevent any internal constriction. I tapered one end to make it easer to fit into the vacuum port.


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