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Month: January 2016

I needed some heavy duty leveling feet, but they can be very expensive, and none of the store around me sell them anyway. I had heard of people using hockey pucks as wheels and leveling feet in the past so i thought I would take a stab at it. Plus I wanted to try my new welder.

3″ bearing plates (4)
1/2″ fender washers (4)
1/2″ nuts (12)
1/2″ x 5″ carriage bolts (4)
Hockey pucks (4)

This was my first time welding so be gentle =)

Simple couch shelf, to add a place to set drinks, phones, remotes, etc without pushing the couch needlessly far from the wall.

I built one of these many years ago at my wifes request to keep things out of the kids reach, and now I absolutly love them. They give me a place to set my drink thats less likely to get disturbed, and it blocks the back of the couch from toys.

The inner frame is just made from surfaced 2x4s with half lap joints, but really any joinery would wold here. The outer surface is all 3/4 Poplar. The entire thing was stained with Minwax Red Mahogany and finished with a couple coats of oil based poly.

These are custom fit to my couches so there are no plans but a few notes i will add are:
1) Make sure you don’t forget to notch out the bottom if you have baseboards.

2) Don’t place the inner frame flush with the wall or you wont be able to run charging cables up behind it very well

3) Make sure you don’t place the lower rail where it would interfere it wall outlets.

Thanks for watching.

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