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Month: September 2016

My wife asked me to make her a minimal wallet that would hold just her CCW Permit, ID, and Bankcard. This was my very first true leather working project where I made the pattern, stained the leather myself, and saddle stitched everything. I just kinda dived in, and in the process made a ton of mistakes, had a lot of fun, and learned a bunch of valuable lessons. I’m looking forward to the next project.

Unfortunately, the audio was unusable (Kids playing and yelling a few feet away) so I published this in a more of a time-lapse format.

Music: “Men Don’t Cry” by “Amoebacrew”
This music track is licensed under creative commons Attribution [CC BY]

It been really hot in California and my sandals (Flip Flops) have just about given up the ghost. I’m making some new DIY ones out of a salvaged anti-fatigue mat, an adhesive traction pad, and some leather remnants.

Download free plan here

This is a super fast tool anyone can make to help hold small, or awkward pieces on the miter saw, radial arm saw, or table saw sled.

Stay safe everybody!

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