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I want to do some experiments that involve testing the refraction of various solutions, so I needed a hollow acrylic prism. Rather than buy one I figured why not make one. This was made from a scrap of 1/16th acrylic and solvent welded with Dichloromethane. The plug was made from a standard hockey puck. The video at the end was of the prism filled with plain water but different liquids would produce different results.

Hammered out a copper pipe coupler to make a custom bottle opener. I was afraid the copper would be too soft, but it was sufficiently work hardened during the forming.

Made a quick carving mallet from an old oak (I think) branch my mom brought over years ago. This is for my buddy Dominic Benders ( “Challenge Tree 2017”.

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Wife asked for a quick coat hanger for my son’s room, thought it would be a fun opportunity to try carving, this was done super fast (about 1 hour from start to finish in a single take) I just wanted to see what would happen if a total amateur tried speed carving something. it’s far from perfect but for my first carving I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out.

Music : “Together” – Chill Hip-Hop Instrumental / Beatmaking Episode #4 (BasementStudios) by BasementStudios Prod.( is licensed under a Creative Commons License.(

I’ve been reading about historical layout and design lately and thought it was time I made a good quality set of compass dividers. This can be used with or without a pencil or pen. I actually enjoy filing so I opted to do the majority of the shaping by hand, unfortunately I had to buy the knurled knobs but hopefully ill get a metal lathe soon and I can replace them.

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