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I’ve been reading about historical layout and design lately and thought it was time I made a good quality set of compass dividers. This can be used with or without a pencil or pen. I actually enjoy filing so I opted to do the majority of the shaping by hand, unfortunately I had to buy the knurled knobs but hopefully ill get a metal lathe soon and I can replace them.

I recently taught myself to cut hair using my kids as guinea pigs like any good father would.  This is my first attempt at cutting my own.


This is my entry into Bill Livolsi’s No Lathe Pen Challenge (link below). Since so many people made so many great pens I decided to make the most simple pen I could think of, and focus on making my own ink. Both of these were a first for me and a couple items of the maker bucket list. Had a lot of fun, and I can’t believe how well it worked!

No Lathe Pen Challenge Video:

The Pen Challenge Playlist:

Just a quick tip to make your own edge clamps. This is similar to the “Rockler Bandy Clamp” but at a fraction of the cost. For the price of two bandy clamps¬†(on sale) you can make 8+ of these.

Soo yeah this project didn’t quite go as planned. This was the first project I ever made on a lathe, apart from my total lack of experience the lathe was not running properly. This is more of a fail reel than a project but hey why not share =) this was made several months before it was published and I have since gotten a new lathe and everything is better now.

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