Firstly HUGE thanks to Inventables for the fun opportunity to do this review. So far I love the machine, with the exception of a few quality control issues that need to be addressed, and since im sure nobody is going to read a text version of this lengthly video, im just going to rate the company/machine on various aspects from 1-10:

Packaging: 9
Assembly instructions: 6
X-Carve Design: 7
Quality Control: 6
Fit and Finish: 8
Customer Service: 10
Ease of use: 9
Rigidity: 7
Tool Kit: 4
Default spindle: 7
Easel software: 6
Overall opinion: 8

Inventables Website

Steve Carmichael’s CPAP hose tip

ManhattanWoodProjects X-Axis Modification:

Tommy G Workshop – Good video on wire cleanup: